Joe Biden Sucks

Posted by Noël Gordon Jr on

The all-white stage at the Democratic Party Debate provoked a lot of speculation and hand-wringing from the corporate media. 

POLITICO reporters even filmed a video speculating “what the lack of debate diversity could mean for the party and the election.” They fail to mention the all-white, all-male, all-wealthy leadership team of Grand Old Party.

Tiffany Cross of TheBeatDC makes the most compelling point of the video at mark 2:15.

I agree with Cross, who says “the key constituency group for securing that Democratic [Party] nomination” is Black America. Despite overwhelming support for Bernie Sanders among Black voters under 40, Joe Biden is often reported to be the candidate leaving among African Americans, particularly in South Carolina.

i have had deep respect for the former Vice President ever since meeting him several years in Washington, D.C. As an openly gay black man, I will be forever grateful to Vice President Biden for his leadership on same-sex marriage and other issues of LGBTQ equality. But marriage equality rights mean little to me at a time when it will take at least 260 years close the widening racial wealth gap between me and my white neighbors. Times have changed since Obama, and so has Joe Biden. He simply isn’t the progressive standard-bearer some Negro-Liberal Democrats want him to be. 

For example, Marijuana Moment reports that “under the Anti Drug Abuse Act, that Joe Biden helped draft, crack offenses were made 100 times more severe than powder cocaine,” contributing to one the most enduring racial disparities in the American criminal justice system. Joe Biden helped continue the failed war on drugs, yet he remains indignant about cannabis rights and consumer protections. I believe Joe when he says “recreational use of “marijuana should be a misdemeanor.”

More Black Americans will go to jail for marijuana under a Joe Biden administration, than will any other Democrat running for office. 

Don’t believe the hype.

Joe Biden Sucks. 


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