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Our Story

We are Reparations, a political media and apparel company. We're driven by leftist politics and critical race theory with the goal of creating a better and more equitable society.

We are not the liberal 'kumbaya' shop you might be used to. We aren't interested in how a high school history book judges our ideas 30 years from now; we're more concerned with winning today. We want racial reparations. We want healthcare for all. We want rent control. We want unionized labor. We want good art. We want to eat the rich.

We invest our profits into our workforce. All our workers are paid a living wage of at least $23/hour. While we may be a small operation, with continued growth and success we hope to become a union shop and fully realize our commitment to and our regard for labor.

Still curious to learn more? Check out our work on this site or on social media. Or take a look at the work by some of our contemporaries, which include Current Affairs magazine, Jacobin magazine, Appalshop, Chapo Trap House podcast, Trillbilly Worker's Party podcast, and Natalie Wynn of Contrapoints' videos.

And so begins the final drama,
In the streets and in the fields.
We stand unbowed before their armor,
We defy their guns and shields!
When we fight, provoked by their aggression,
Let us be inspired by life and love.
For though they offer us concessions,
Change will not come from above!

- The Internationale, Billy Bragg


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my package to arrive?

You can expect to receive your package within 10 to 15 business days. Delivery can sometimes take up to 3 weeks from the original date of order because of unforeseen and unexpected delays. Please email with concerns.

Do you allow returns and exchanges?

We do! Click here for details. 

Do you take bulk apparel orders?

We do! Email to receive a personalized rate quote.

Do you offer custom design services?

We do! Email to receive a personalized rate quote.

What does your brand promise?

We promise radically refreshing designs that spark a conversation, provoke racial justice, and inspire socialist change in the United States of North America.

We promise fair labor protections throughout our supply chain, and we guarantee a living wage to all of our workers.

What is the purpose of your brand?

We exist to create jobs and employment opportunities for black, indigenous, and working-class people of color living in the the United States of North America.

What are your brand’s core values?

  • Design for black people, the rest will follow.
  • Expertise comes from everywhere.
  • Excellence, always.
  • Act with urgency.
  • No one is disposable.
  • Err on the side of labor.


What’s with the watermelon logo?

After the Civil War, Southern whites felt threatened by the emancipation of their former slaves, who had now found freedom living off the fruit of their own land. Many African Americans grew, ate, and sold watermelon, and in doing so, made the fruit a symbol of their freedom. There is nothing racist about the watermelon. We also recognize the power cultural symbols have to change how we see the world and the world sees us. So we reclaimed the watermelon!