Our Story

Who We Are.

Reparations Media and Apparel (RM&A) is an antiracist apparel shop headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. We tackle issues of racial inequality and economic injustice — all with deliberate humor and speed. We’re driven by queer theory, leftist politics, and a radically refreshing hope for the future.

What We Believe.

At Reparations Media and Apparel, we believe a better world is possible, despite the racist status quo. We want reparations for the War on Drugs and a Green New Deal in Flint. We want a universally free healthcare system and tuition-free colleges for all. We want national rent control. Local weed from unionized labor. And we most certainly want to eat the rich.

Why We Do It.

We reinvest our profits into higher wages for our workers, better quality products for our customers, and mutual aid projects for our communities. With continued growth and success, we hope to inspire the next generation of antiracist activists, advocates, and community organizers. 

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      Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a fan!

      First Established: June 2018.
      Last Updated: Jul 2020.